My Ex Keeps Following Me

In most states, stalking is against the law, and often has a direct correlation to violent acts which can include destroying property and injuring the target.  If you are being stalked by your ex, make sure you document the dates and times, and locations of the incidents.  If the stalking continues, you should immediately notify your local law enforcement or speak with an attorney.  In the meantime, let your neighbors know what is occurring so they can keep a watchful eye and report any suspicious activity.  Only exit in areas that are well-light.  If you work late, have a co-worker or friend take you to your car.  Sometimes keys have alarms, so keep your keys safe to set-off your car alarm.  Noise is often a deterrent.  You can even keep your keys near your bed and use them as an alarm device if the stalker escalates and enters your home uninvited.  Sometimes you can obtain an Order of Protection if you  can prove to the Court that you are in reasonable apprehension of bodily injury, or you have been a victim of one of the offenses listed in Section 40-15-201 M.C.A.

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